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Hair loss is one of the most common ailments among both men and women, yet effective treatment remains elusive. Lypo-Gold is the “holy grail” of hair growth remedies utilizing a new procedure called TSVF – an injection that encourages hair follicles to grow new hair. Keep reading to learn why this new procedure might be the answer to your balding woes.

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Why Other Common Hair Growth Remedies Don’t Work

A plethora of balding remedies exist on the market today. Before jumping to purchase such a quick fix, it’s important to determine what type and stage of baldness the treatment promises to cure. Keep in mind that most medications, whether available by prescription or over-the-counter, cannot reverse hair loss as well as they can prevent or slow the process. If you are in the early stages of hair loss, medications may help prolong what hair you have left, but they likely will not make a difference to an advanced stage of baldness.

Hair transplant surgery is a well-known treatment for advanced balding. Under this procedure, hair follicles or tiny pieces of scalp from an area that is growing hair are manipulated to an area that is not. While patients may experience good results from this procedure initially, it may not solve the root of the baldness problem. That’s why determining the cause of baldness is just as important as finding a suitable treatment.

Different Reasons For Balding

“Male pattern baldness,” or androgenetic alopecia, is the most common type of baldness and accounts for 95% of the baldness in men. Eponymic of your genes, androgenetic alopecia is determined by the information in your DNA. However, not all alopecia is androgenetic. Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles and stunts or halts their growth, resulting in patches of baldness on the scalp or elsewhere. Genetics can be a factor in alopecia areata, but not entirely, with environment and other medications likely suspects as well. Unlike in androgenetic alopecia, hair follicles under duress of alopecia areata are still alive and able to regrow hair. Patients must first correct the hormone-related immune response in order to reverse the baldness.

A New Treatment: TSVF Injection

To treat the cause behind baldness, when possible, patients should seek out a therapy that injects into the scalp what the body is not producing naturally. A TSVF injection, or tissue stromal vascular fraction, does just that. This new treatment encourages the growth of new hair follicles in the scalp by flooding the body with adult mesenchymal cells, the building blocks of cell regeneration. Unlike oral or topical medications, which can take six months of therapy to show results, TSVF injections yield hair regrowth after the first hair growth treatment. This new injection may be just what the doctor ordered for combating baldness, whether it’s genetic or autoimmune.

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Lypo Gold Courses Are Now Offered With Elite Aesthetic Institute

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