Instantly Smoothes Wrinkles & Creases With Lypo-Gold Aesthetic Medicine!

Lypo-Gold is a process that stimulates our supply of collagen-producing cells and growth factors to reverse the effects of skin aging. It works by collecting a small amount of fat tissue, extracting the Adipose Cells, and injecting them directly into the skin tissue.

Our Procedure

Lypo Gold Courses Are Now Offered With Elite Aesthetic Institute




Lypo-Gold is a natural method that does not rely on injecting any artificial components into the skin. Treatments such as Botox or other aesthetic medicine can reduce the effect of wrinkles, but they cannot restore youth to your skin. Botox will smooth out the wrinkles, but still leave you with ‘old-looking’ skin, so we recommended Lypo-Gold even before a Botox treatment.

What do we treat?


The Lypo-Gold method uses small quantities of harvested fat to achieve a natural rejuvenation of the face thanks to the use of small amounts of autologous fat. With a gentle, safe, and controlled harvest, we remove a small amount of fat from the belly. After sterile processing, we inject this precious gold like filler in the face with a precise technique. The results are immediate and improve time after time thanks to the adult-derived mesenchymal stem cells injected.

Results are long-lasting (Up to 3 years!)

For the face, we can focus on:

  • Tear Through
  • Temple
  • Brow Lift
  • Cheek Lift
  • Jawline
  • Smokers Line


The injection of adult mesenchymal derived stem cells determines the formation of new fibroblasts capable of producing collagen, elastin, fiber, and hyaluronic acid with a marked improvement in the texture of the skin. We can also fill the annoying horizontal wrinkles of the neck with this aesthetic medicine.


Alopecia is a hormone-related condition resulting in hair loss. This is a challenging condition to treat; the standard therapies try to reduce or stabilize the hair loss with a low percentage of success with most aesthetic medicine. we give our scalp the option of producing new hair follicles thanks to adult mesenchymal cells, our exosome, and growth factors.

Improvement is seen after the first treatment!


Wrinkly skin and loosing of the natural texture of the side are vital signs of aging. With the Lypo-Gold Method, you can have more youthful-looking hands with this aesthetic medicine. Thanks to the injection of the micro and nano fat, we have a volume of the dorsal part of your hand and a youth effect of the skin thanks to the fat-derived adult Mesenchymal cell that stimulates to produce new collagen elastin fibers and hyaluronic acid. With only one session, we have a lasting effect of more than 18 months.


Initial results are visible in 2-3 weeks, (ONE MONTH) and the gradual increase of the collagen and elastin are produced by the natural activity of the implanted cells. The reduction in the appearance of fine lines and the improved skin texture with this aesthetic medicine are the most noticeable results. The skin looks smoother, healthier, and brighter.

What to expect

  1. Improvement of skin texture
  2. The thickness of subcutaneous collagen improves
  3. Fine wrinkles and other signs of aging disappear
  4. Your skin will have an overall healthier and fresher look

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Our Physicians

Dr. Enrico is the inventor of Lypo-Gold Procedure. If you are interested in applying to join our group of providers, or simply learning about the aesthetic medicine procedure, please apply below!

Dr. Enrico Guarino

Graduated from La Sapienza University in Rome in 1993 in the branch of surgery and completed a master’s degree in plastic surgery and thoracic surgery until 1995. Since 2000, he has been on staff at the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery “Nostra Signora Del Buon Consiglio." Dr Enrico Guarino has over 30 years of experience in the field of Plastic Surgery and Aesthetics; he has worked in the best public and private hospitals and clinics of Italy. Dr. Enrico Guarino also taught general surgery at La Sapienza University in Rome and in 2004, he taught at Nostra signora Del Buon Consiglio University Albania. In 2008, he completed a second-level master in Aesthetic plastic surgery. To this day, he successfully practices in his clinic in Rome. He carries on his passion for teaching by teaching in Tirana as well as working with his fellow doctors in various aesthetic treatments such as fillers and PDO threads.

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Success Stories

Recently, I had a lipo procedure called LYPO GOLD, performed by Dr. E Guarino. I have hollowed tear troughs and temples. One would think that he would work on only those areas to correct the volume loss. Dr. Guarino actually worked not only on those areas but surrounding areas such as lateral to the tear trough and a brow lift. It shows his understanding of the face, and
how to maintain harmony between facial features. He also lifted up my nose bridge with fat and PDO threads. As a person of Asian descendant, a flat nose has always been a bother for me. He also worked on my hands with the fat to cover up
wrinkles and blue veins. I saw same-day results with everything he did. And as time passes, the results continue to improve. I cannot stop looking at my face every morning! I love my nose and my hands as much. Thank you, Dr. Guarino, for giving me back my confidence.

Ngoctrang Natalie Le

I feel so blessed to have met Dr. G and his knowledgeable staff during a lipo gold treatment. I immediately knew I was in the hands of an expert. I barely felt a slight discomfort when the fat was being extracted from my belly. Dr. G. Explained precisely what was happening during each step of the process, which made me comfortable.  I was delighted to see immediate positive results even before leaving my appointment. I have had multiple cosmetic procedures for over 20 years.  Lipo gold is the leader in natural, quick results with no downtime.  I love that there was only minimal discomfort during extraction and for a concise time following, only at the extraction site.  I notice a tremendous improvement in my appearance after one month.  I feel I look more youthful, and the texture of my skin has improved 1000 percent. I have received various compliments stating I look great with a sense of curiosity as to why.  Dr. G listened to my frustration regarding the troubled area (vertical lines near my lips) and customized his work.  Dr. G is truly super talented, brilliant, and an artist with his hands. I am beyond happy and filled with gratitude for meeting Dr. G, his staff, and the fantastic results of the lipo gold treatment.


I am thoroughly pleased with the results of my threading performed by Dr. G.
I originally went in to have a little Botox and filler on my face, as I have done for a number of years by other Doctors.
After my consultation with Dr. G, he introduced me to a new technique being performed that I had never heard of? It was the “ threading”! I was very excited at the amount of money I would be saving, not having to go every 3 months or so to have the Botox and fillers done! Dr. G explained the procedure from start to finish! Dr. G’s bedside manner is impeccable! I immediately felt comfortable with him and couldn’t be happier with the instant results! Now I’m good to go for a complete year! I’m getting compliments daily on how great my skin looks and I feel fabulous!


Dr. Guarino has been a true blessing to me, I have been to several Dr’s and have never had such outstanding patient care. The results from the LypoGold treatment combined with the MediThread treatment took 10 years off with such beautiful results. Dr. Guarino took the time to explain perfectly how the procedure would be performed in a warm professional manner. I am grateful for His commitment to achieving outstanding results and the procedures he offers.


Dr. G is amazing and will do everything he can to work with you and talk you through everything to ensure you love your results. I had Lypogold treatment with excellent results. It was a very simple procedure. He is a very knowledgeable and skilled surgeon. He spent so much time examining my face and explaining the procedure to me. I am so happy with my results my only regret was that I did not do it sooner. This procedure changed my life, the results were amazing, Thank you, Dr. G.


After 1 month my skin was looking so much better after my lypogold treatment! Dr. Enrico did an amazing job to exceed my expectations for the care I have been looking for. The procedure is a new concept, but after he explained everything to me. I put all of my trust into Dr. Enrico, and was blown away from the results!


When I discovered the Lypo-Gold procedure, I had no idea that this service existed, and the time expectancy for results was very exciting! After consulting with Dr. Enrico, he made sure to educate me through the whole process and within the first 4 weeks, I started to see significant improvement with my skin! I’m very pleased with the results, and this is only the beginning. I would highly recommend Dr. Enrico and his Lypo-Gold procedure


I was very skeptical about the Lypo-Gold procedure, but from reviewing the website and teaching myself more about the procedure. I had an interested to consult with the doctors to get a better understanding. After consulting with Dr. Enrico, I felt very confident in what he recommended for my skin. Within the first couple of weeks, my skin started to look MUCH BETTER! Because of that, I felt more comfortable and trusted Dr. Enrico with the approaches he recommended for me. I HIGHLY recommend the Lypo-Gol


Oh my goodness! I can’t thank you enough for such an amazing day! Enrico is a fabulous teacher! He is kind and humble! I am so grateful that he took the time to teach us the correct way to do things. I know he went above and beyond. Incredibly thankful!!!


Lypo Gold Courses Are Now Offered With Elite Aesthetic Institute

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