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Lypo Gold Courses Are Now Offered With Elite Aesthetic Institute

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Collagen is the key to smooth, wrinkle-free skin. Children have perfect skin thanks to the higher quantity of collagen that lies in their skin, but as we age, we lose some of our collagen and develop wrinkles. Collagen cannot be synthesized artificially, and it can only be produced by skin cells!

We are at a turning point that will now change the way we look at most things in aesthetic medicine. Lypo-gold is a regenerative medical approach for aesthetic medicine. With this method, your own fat cells, extracted from one area of your body and then given back to you in another area for producing a rejuvenated and natural appearance. We like to refer to it as…the new face of bio cellular medici

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How Does This Treatment Work?

This treatment begins with taking something “old” to produce something “new”, borrowing the tummy fat and injecting that unwanted fat into the face, neck, hands, or hair for a more youthful appearance. We “Process” the fat just before reinjection through a special device reducing the size of fat particles and rich adult stem cells and growth factors that give greater fat survival and better results.

When you pass this unwanted fat from your tummy through the Mini TC, what you have left is not just a better result, but instead of smaller lumps of fat cells, but something far more valuable than fat cells that may only survive for a few months, but instead, almost by accident, instead of fat cells, what you now have left by removing most the short-lived fat cells, are regenerative cells, many of which are “nature’s gold”, mature adult stem cells.

How Does Micronizing Fat Cells Work?

We’ve actually known for some time that there has been a bit of a mystery with fat transfer injection. How can results last decades, when the transferred fat cells only last months? Answer: It was never the fat cells. It was always the Stem cells, the bodies healing cells hidden in the fat that was giving us our results!

In short, micronizing fat cells does not just give us smaller fat cells, it gets rid of the unwanted fat cells, and leaves behind stem cell-rich stromal vascular fraction. The use of micro fat and nano fat, injections for facial correction of aging hollowing, restoration of youthful shape for hands and face is really not about fat, but about the bio cellular medicine of the future, regenerative stem cell enhancement for reversing the aging process.

Thanks to the use of the mini TC, an FDA cleared device we process the fat for the production of micro and nano fat. During the process for producing the nano fat, we have the fragmentation of the Adipose Derived tissue Stromal Vascular Fraction (ADtSVF) effectively accomplishing a reduction in the large mature adipocytes (rupture) and the creation of small particle size cells retaining some native, bioactive adipose scaffolding.

This size reduction permits the injection of a combination of emulsified tSVF and platelet-rich plasma (PRP) concentrates through very small size needles into dermal and subdermal targets, but only if preserving the viability of its components. The device provides precise fat processing and an accurate division of the final product from liquids and oil. This allows a valid and usable “Filler Like” product for quantity, ready to use.

FDA Approved Equipment!

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Achieving Long-Lasting Results

We can use a iso correction technique with a low risk to need a retouch or use a hyper correction technique THE AGING OF THE SKIN IS DUE TO THE REDUCTION OF THE FIBERS OF COLLAGEN, ELASTIN AND HYALURONIC ACID DUE TO THE AGING OF THE DERMA CELLS.


Lypo Gold Courses Are Now Offered With Elite Aesthetic Institute

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