Are you searching for a minimally invasive nose job with great results? The Lypo-Gold Method may be for you! This technique is taught by Elite Aesthetics Institute, and is a superb, long lasting procedure that gives you results within weeks, saving you from the long downtime and more painful process involved in a typical nose job.


A More Invasive Approach

A typical nose job, or rhinoplasty, tends to be much more invasive, depending on the results you want and which type your doctor may recommend. There are two types of rhinoplasty, the closed or open procedures. In a closed procedure, the incisions are hidden inside the nose, while in an open procedure, the incision is made across the columella, the narrow strip of tissue that separates the nostrils. Recovery can take up to six weeks, during this time you will have to avoid any strenuous activity, which can include stretching, lifting, and bending over as this can increase nasal swelling. The amount of swelling will decrease in the coming weeks, but to see full results may take up to a whole year. In between this time you will notice gradual changes in your nose’s appearance as it refines to its more permanent outcome. This process definitely takes a longer while for both the recovery and results.      


A Nose Job Without The Fuss

Regenerative medicine involves developing methods to regrow, replace or repair damaged or diseased cells, organs or tissues. It includes the generation and use of therapeutic stem cells, tissue engineering, and the production of artificial organs. This method is also much more natural since its main components come from your body, meaning less chemicals and additives being added to your immune system. Most cosmetic surgeries involve injecting other substances into your skin which can be rejected by your body, leading to complications or simply no results. 


The Lypo-Gold Method involves extracting a small amount of fat cells from your body, typically from the belly area. These fat cells will be “processed” to obtain more regenerative adult stem cells. We inject the stem cells into targeted locations of your nose, specific to your requests on the outcome you would like to see. This procedure is revolutionary as it’s taking aesthetic medicine to a whole new level. It is minimally-invasive, meaning you can jump back onto your feet quickly and effortlessly. Initial results are visible within two to three weeks, while there is also a gradual increase as the regenerative cells will continue to boost your skin’s collagen and elastin production. This method leaves you with an improved skin texture, improved collagen thickness and production, and a better defined and reshaped nose.


The Choice Is Yours

Depending on what you want your rhinoplasty to accomplish, you do have options in the way of seeking treatment. Most individuals would opt to go with a less invasive, more natural and faster approach, and you get that with the Lypo-Gold Method. This procedure will reshape your nose effectively, whether you want a drastic or subtle change. This method is used for all types of facial cosmetic surgery as well, including facelifts like brow and cheek lifts, tear trough, temple, jawline, and smoker’s lines, along with treating hand wrinkles and sagging from aging. 


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