Are you researching alopecia to better help your clients? Curious if there’s any proven treatment that you can offer your clients in finally getting real results? The Lypo-Gold Method, taught by Elite Aesthetics Institute, is a process proven to give your client the head of hair they always wanted. 

What Causes Hair Loss?

Alopecia areata is a condition where small patches of hair will fall out. It usually isn’t too noticeable unless the patches start to grow or interconnect, where the hair loss will then become more prominent. This condition is most likely found on the scalp, but can also affect the eyebrows, eyelashes and facial hair. 

The immune system is basically attacking the hair follicles, and in some cases, will cause spotty or permanent hair loss. The extent of the damage is going to depend on the body’s response, both in attacking and repairing the hair loss issue. Alopecia areata is considered an autoimmune disease, and may be connected to the client’s family genetics. Autoimmune diseases occur when the body mistakes healthy cells for invasive cells, essentially attacking and killing the natural cells. The body thinks it’s destroying viruses and bacteria but is instead destroying regular hair follicles. Doctors believe that people who have a history of other autoimmune disorders may be more susceptible to this condition. 

What most people may not realize is there is no cure for hair loss, only varying levels of treatments that may or may not work for them. There are some natural treatments, such as aromatherapy, scalp massage, acupuncture, microneedling, herbal supplements and an “anti-inflammatory diet” which is a restrictive diet mostly containing meats and fruits. 

There are also more invasive treatments that are available, such as steroid injections, oral medications, light therapy and a myriad array of topical treatments. Most of these involve some risk to the client, however, such as the oral medications, which are basically immunosuppressants that can’t be used long term due to their list of side effects. And most topical treatments are basically giving the client an ailment, such as poison oak or rashes, in the hopes the hair will be induced to grow back. These methods have some clinical results but most of it is up to your client’s specific body and immune system. Your client may potentially have to try each and every treatment available to see results, but they may also receive nothing or their hair will initially grow back but eventually stop.  

Fighting Alopecia The Right Way

Whether your clients have tried topical treatments or oral medications, they are still struggling in seeing results. One of the latest methods that actually works in terms of alopecia treatment is the Lypo-Gold Method. This treatment uses cells from your client’s own body to spur hair growth, leaving them with a more natural approach than steroids and lotions. This procedure involves extracting a small amount of fat cells from the body, generally from the belly or thigh region. These fat cells will be repurposed into more nutrient rich nano and micro fat cells. After this, what you are left with are adipose derived stem cells, able to help restore the hair follicles. You would inject these cells into specific locations of your client’s scalp, and the cells will spur on new hair growth. Improvement is seen after the very first treatment! 

The Bottom Line

If you’re wanting to provide a better, more streamlined treatment for alopecia, Lypo-Gold is the procedure for your clinic. The other types of treatments out there don’t fully support hair growth in a natural way, leaving your client to wonder whether their results will last or not. With not much known about how to treat or prevent alopecia areata fully, trust our proven, regenerative method to get your client the treatment they deserve.

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