When you hear the term bone marrow cells you may feel as if this research is done and over with. Bone marrow has created great technological advancements when it comes to reparative and regenerative procedures, but there are many more advancements being made in the scientific field. One such procedure, the Lypo-Gold Method, uses adipose stem cells to help achieve physical beauty, as well as repair damaged or torn muscles, among other conditions. Elite Aesthetics Institute teaches this method as well as helping you achieve the best you can in your medical profession. 


The Power Of Extractions

Most people think that in order to get healed, it requires an outside force, whether it’s medications, therapies or surgeries where something is placed inside or “fixed” somehow. What doctors and researchers are realizing, however, is that the power to heal is inside the body all along. Using regenerative medicine to treat differing conditions has been a breakthrough in the last few decades, proving that the body is stronger than you may think.


Most of this research was conducted using bone marrow, which is a spongy tissue found in the center of bones. There are differing stem cells found throughout the body, and bone marrow produces one type called hematopoietic stem cells, which mostly produce blood cells and cells that help make up the body’s immune system. The use of bone marrow dates back to the 1950s, with a successful bone marrow transplant, and the marrow cells were one of the first used to treat and heal wounds. With researchers diving into the stem cell capabilities of bone marrow, it only continued to showcase and improve their reparative capacities. 


Bone Marrow Vs. Adipose Stem Cells

And with these studies, there’s always going to be something ready to take the place of the first research. Adipose stem cells are a type of adult stem cells found in fat tissue. These cells have a wider use in treating and healing various medical conditions as the adult stem cells can “morph” themselves into multiple different restorative cells.


Bone marrow can help with inflammation but not with repairing actual cartilage damage, while adipose stem cells can heal. If clients are over the age of 50, they may have a decreased amount of bone marrow that can sufficiently help with their ailments or injuries. Obtaining bone marrow cells is a lot more invasive than extracting adipose stem cells, and these stem cells don’t decline with age as bone marrow can. Adipose-derived stem cells are undifferentiated and multipotent, meaning they can help repair and restore multiple different types of cells, thus treating organs, bones or cartilage, even treating diseases. 


With the Lypo-Gold Method, we begin by collecting a small sample of the adipose stem cells from the client, typically from the belly area. Using a device called the Mini-TC, we “process” the tissue by reducing as much of the fat cells as possible, leaving behind the stem cells. We then reinject this mixture into the affected areas of the client’s body. This method has been shown to significantly improve wrinkles, face lines, brow lines, jawlines, neck wrinkles, hand wrinkles and sagging skin, along with alopecia. It’s gaining traction as the latest in aesthetics. Lypo-Gold utilizes the adipose stem cells for their high regenerative proficiencies.


New Endeavors

Science is certainly moving along faster in recent years, and is only going to continue it’s fast-paced research when it comes to regenerative medicine. While bone marrow set the stage for vast technological advancements, it was only a matter of time before something else, such as adipose stem cells, was found and is gradually gaining traction for so many practical applications. 


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