At Elite Aesthetics Institute we offer training on the brand new Lypo-Gold Method, a revolutionary regenerative adult stem cell procedure used for cosmetic surgeries along with other autoimmune disorders. Learn about the fat grafting process to gain more insight into this stellar process and stand out in the world of cosmetic surgery!


What Is Our New Method?

Lypo-Gold involves extracting a small amount of fat cells from your client’s body, and processing these fat cells to get more nutrient rich nano and micro fat. We use a Mini TC device, which reduces the amount and size of fat cells. After this, you are left with stromal vascular fraction, or SVF, which are adipose-derived stem cells. We inject the SVF cells into specific locations on your client’s bodies, anywhere from the face to the neck, the scalp and the hands. This technique is revolutionary as it’s taking bio cellular medicine to a whole new level. 


Fat Grafting The Right Way

This method of facial rejuvenation, among other practical applications, wouldn’t be possible without the use of a few pieces of equipment. The main way we get viable fat cells is through using the JTL Mini-Stem. The Mini-Stem is responsible for isolating the SVF cells from the fat tissue at the point-of-care. It washes out the liquids containing anesthetics from extraction, then removes all broken blood, oil and cell debris. Finally, the device breaks down the heavy fat tissue into injectable-sized particles.    


The JTL Mini-Stem is a disposable, closed loop device intended for each patient receiving treatment and then discarded after it’s use. It is CE-marked pending and already patented. It is an easy to use device that can easily be used for combination therapies and clinical research.  


It is a small device with no additional needs in the clinic setting, and is generally half the cost of leading competitor’s products. It’s one of the most viable producing devices out in the market today. The JTL Mini-Stem can produce around 800,000 cells per gram of adipose tissue, while still maintaining about 82% viability. The JTL Mini-Stem proves to excel in cell production while maintaining practical, cost-efficient and disposable usage. 


Making Waves in Regenerative Procedures

Using adult stem cells and SVF for cosmetic and autoimmune disorders is gaining traction everyday. Using the JTL Mini-Stem device allows you more viable cells and better usage in various clinical studies. It’s the most innovative and easy to use viability machine, leaving you to work with your client in a fast and efficient manner. 


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Ready to be the best physician in your field? Elite Aesthetics Institute offers classes and training on a myriad of medical procedures, including those involving fat grafting. We also provide training for our Lypo-Gold Method, giving your future client the latest in regenerative medicine. Call us today! 

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