Hair restoration hasn’t seen as many advances in recent years compared to other procedures, but the tide may be turning for your clients. The Lypo-Gold Method, a revolutionary aesthetic process, has been helping to restore hair for people experiencing alopecia, along with other procedures you can offer to your clients. Taught by Elite Aesthetics Institute, this aesthetic medicine treatment is making waves as the next option for hair loss.


Hair Loss 101

Also known as alopecia, hair loss can be from normal aging, or the result of hereditary, hormonal, or medical conditions. It typically affects the scalp but can affect the entire body as well, with temporary or permanent loss. Most hair loss occurs gradually over time, with hair thinning out in certain areas of the head. If your client experiences sudden hair loss, have them seek a doctor as soon as possible as it may be due to an underlying medical condition that needs treatment. Full body hair loss is typically found when someone is seeking cancer treatment, losing hair during chemotherapy but is often temporary as the hair will often grow back after treatment. Most hair loss occurs as thinning on the top of the head for males, where it often begins to recede near the hairline on the forehead. Women who experience hair loss usually have a broadening of the part in their hair. People will also experience hair loss as patchy or circular areas throughout their scalp or head, with the areas becoming itchy or painful before the hair falls out. 


Hair Restoration

Although alopecia has been a struggle for many people over the years, there is little in the way of treatment options. Hair loss can be a side effect of taking certain medications or stress related, so it’s always helpful to talk with your client in determining the cause of the hair loss. Most hair loss is genetics based, however, and therefore severely difficult to treat. There are creams and gels that try to promote hair growth, along with medications, but they may not have lasting results and sometimes can have serious side effects. 


Your clients deserve a better treatment option, which is why the Lypo-Gold Method may be your answer. This method uses stromal vascular fraction (SVF), which is a type of stem cell therapy derived from fat tissue found in your client’s body. The SVF cells are obtained through liposuction, and contain multiple cell types, including adipose-derived stem cells, mesenchymal cells, lymphatic cells, and vascular smooth cells. These cells are processed to still contain heterogeneous cells, and after administration, the adipose-derived SVF cells can then differentiate between differing cells, repairing injured tissues and replacing cells. The benefits of SVF containing mesenchymal cells helps manage the reparative capabilities of almost every body tissue. Using this SVF mixture, we use a device called the Mini TC to “process” the cells into more viable, richly regenerative cells without as much of the fat tissue. We then mix this with PRP (platelet-rich plasma) and inject into specific locations of the client’s scalp and head, spurring new hair growth through the hair follicles. Results are seen after the first treatment, leaving your client with their own hair-producing cells, and not some type of wig, “hair plug” or surgery.      


The Option Is Clear

Offering your clients options against a myriad array of ailments and aesthetic corrections is key to helping your business thrive. Having the Lypo-Gold Method available to your clients experiencing hair loss is a great treatment option for them, and also allows you to perform other aesthetic procedures as well. Our method is also used to reduce hand wrinkles, neck wrinkles, and facial lines and wrinkles, reducing the signs of aging.


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