Are you noticing that your hands are aging? Here at Elite Aesthetic Institute, we tell you about our procedure that has helped many people overcome their aging hands along with other aging parts of their bodies. When we get older, we age! Who would have guessed it, right? Even though everyone ages as they get older, we understand how self-conscious people can become over certain parts of their body aging. Luckily, our team has come up with a natural procedure to help with your aging skin and specifically hand wrinkles. We have seen amazing results with this procedure, which is why we are excited to share it with you. Hands can become wrinkly due to all kinds of reasons such as habits, hygiene, and your overall health. The aging skin itself occurs when the fibers within your collagen are reduced, and therefore, they lack hyaluronic and elastin, which causes the skin to sag and age. With our Lypo-Gold treatments, your hands can look more youthful than ever!


How Lypo-Gold Helps Hand Wrinkles 

You’re probably wondering how our Lypo-Gold treatment helps reduce your aging hands. We want you to be fully informed on how this treatment works, so you can know why it truly helps reverse your aging skin. The Lypo-Gold treatment acts similarly to a filler because we inject fat from other parts of your body back into your aging hands. Reinjecting oil and lipids along with other components of your own fat actually reverses the process of aging because it helps restore collagen in your hands. For aging hands specifically, we harvest fat from a part of your hand called the dorsal, and we create a concentrate out of it called platelet rich plasma. We then use tiny needles to re-inject it into your hands wherever it is necessary. Since the fat is coming from your own body, it will rejuvenate naturally, and your hands will look useful but also very natural. Even though we compare our treatment to filler, your hands will not look filled but rather completely rejuvenated. 


Other Treatments We Offer 

We understand that your hands are not the only parts of your body that age. That is why we offer Lypo-Gold to treat other parts of your body that tend to age quickly as well. Here are more of our successful treatments:

  • Line from smokers 
  • Jawline 
  • Cheeks 
  • Brows
  • Temples
  • Crows feet 
  • Neck 
  • Hair loss 


Your Body Knows What To Do 

We cannot stress enough that one of the best aspects of our Lypo-Gold treatment is that it is truly all-natural. Using foreign substances that people receive in filler might look okay temporarily, but it does not truly rejuvenate and reverse the aging process. Since Lypo-Gold uses concentrated fat from your own body, your body will know exactly what to do to heal your aging skin. The results of this treatment last up to three years, so you won’t have to constantly get it done either.


Contact Us 

Elite Aesthetic Institute are professionals who want you to know that there are answers out there for hand wrinkles. We understand that aging skin can cause a lot of self-consciousness and other mixed emotions, which is why we share the information that we do about our treatments. Call or visit us today for more information.

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