If you’ve been debating on whether you want to get lip injections, now is the time as there are safer alternatives. With many risks involved in receiving a typical injection, you’ll want to read on to find out more about the revolutionary Lypo-Gold Method. Taught by Elite Aesthetics Institute, this aesthetic procedure can help you achieve the look you want without all the risks. 


Weigh The Benefits

Whether you knew it or not, there is a lot more risk involved in an outpatient lip filler than you think. Anywhere from lip bruising to tissue damage top the list of side effects, therefore it’s important to know all the risks associated, and whether you may want to seek an alternative procedure instead. First of all, most lip fillers last around six to nine months, maybe a year if you go with a newer filler product. Since your lips are constantly moving all day long, any injection or filler is not going to be permanent. If you’re considering a lip filler for more vanity reasons, wanting more fuller and plumper lips, choosing these injections may be more invasive than your overall plan. Trying out other, less invasive measures may be your best bet at first, before turning to injections. Less invasive techniques include changing up your lip liners and lipsticks, applying topical hyaluronic acid, lip moisturizers and balms, and even lip plumpers, which are slightly controversial; these items may give you the lip effect you desire without all the possible side effects. Knowing why you want lip fillers and whether you still want the procedure despite the risks will make the process a lot smoother and full of less surprises.


Lip Injections

Most side effects of lip fillers are temporary, resulting from the injections, thus bruising, swelling, and lumpiness will typically last a few days after the procedure and may be all you experience. A more serious complication, although highly rare, is necrosis. This occurs when the filler got injected into a blood vessel, causing tissue death. You may experience an allergic reaction to the filler as well, which can be rare, as the plastic surgeon will be aware of your potential allergens. Other less serious but still complicating side effects can be over injection, uneven injections, filler clumping and palpable filler. Even the famous “duck lips” from a few years ago are actually lip filler mistakes from getting the injections in the wrong locations of the lips. Be sure you are researching and finding a certified and highly trained physician or plastic surgeon to perform these injections to avoid any of these mistakes. 


A Different Lip Procedure

If the laundry list of complications from typical lip fillers is leaving you a little unsure, there is an alternative that is much safer, less invasive, and still provides results. The Lypo-Gold Method extracts a small amount of fat from your body, usually the thigh or belly area, and “processes” the cells. What’s inside that fat tissue is adult stem cells, capable of regenerating and smoothing out any type of cell or tissue. This “liquid gold” is then injected into targeted areas of your lips to give you the look you always wanted. The adult stem cells will then boost the production of hyaluronic acid in your lips, giving you a smoother and fresher look. One of the many advantages of using this method is that it’s using cells from your own body, so there’s no risk of allergic reactions or using fillers with other ingredients that are now going into your body. Another advantage is the short list of side effects, which are soreness and swelling of the injected areas.  


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