Your med spa or clinic may be starting to branch out into more regenerative and aesthetic medicines, and may be on your list of specialities to learn. Many more clients are looking for less invasive means of achieving targeted beauty results, and want multiple options to consider. Dermal fillers and lipofilling, or fat transfer, are gaining in popularity for their quick and long lasting results. One such procedure called the Lypo-Gold Method, is taught by Elite Aesthetics Institute to help you gain a better understanding of this and other fat transferring treatment options for your future clients.


Fat Transfer

Also called fat grafting or fat injections, this process involves using liposuction techniques to extract a minimal amount of fat from your client’s body in order to fill in irregularities and grooves they find irksome. What was once started in the early nineties has now become a well-established technique into a perfected procedure to help clients deal with many troublesome beauty imperfections. This can include crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, fine lines and wrinkles, neck and hand wrinkles, tear troughs, temple and cheek hollows, and thin lips. These procedures can even help with poorly performed cosmetic surgeries or clients with injuries. Typical side effects of fat grafting are highly minimal for the client, usually bruising and swelling, potentially soreness from the injection and liposuction sites, and will dissipate within a week to two weeks after treatment.   


Lipofilling Procedures

One such fat transfer treatment option is the Lypo-Gold Method. This procedure involves extraction of a small amount of fat from the body, usually around the hips, thigh or belly. These fat cells are “processed” using a centrifuge device called the Mini TC. Adipose rich adult stem cells are then left behind, which are highly regenerative and can boost collagen and hyaluronic acid production in the body. These adult stem cells are injected into targeted areas of the face and body to produce firmer, plumper and more youthful looking skin. This is a more natural process, using the client’s own cells in the process and not injecting new and different elements instead, which could cause their bodies to attack the fillers and reject them. This method is a safer and gentler option than most fillers and plastic surgery, while still leaving your clients with results through a minimally-invasive procedure. 


Initial results are visible in two to three weeks, although the stem cells will continue to boost collagen production, giving subtle and gradual changes in the following weeks as well. Lypo-Gold reduces the signs of aging, giving clients an improvement in skin’s texture and subcutaneous collagen thickness, leaving a smoother, healthier, brighter and fresher look to your client’s overall skin. And this method isn’t only used to treat tear troughs, but also crow’s feet, smoker’s lines, fine lines and wrinkles, brow lift, cheek lift, temple, jawline and even hand wrinkles, neck wrinkles and alopecia.  


Continued Education

Elite Aesthetics Institute offers premiere training in many cosmetic surgeries and procedures happening in America right now. Students will acquire real skills combined with clinical observation and practical training, all in our state-of-the-art training facility. Our instructors include dermatologists, cosmetic surgeons, aesthetic nurses, certified laser specialists, skin care consultants and marketing veterans. 


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