Lypo-Gold is an esthetic regenerative medical solution. This procedure is used to remove fat cells from a region of your body and then add them to your desired area for a fresh and normal look. We’re promoting the modern face of organic cell medicine.


The procedure starts with something ‘old’ to create something ‘new’ and takes tummy fat and injects the undesired fat into the face and body, the hands, and the hair for a younger look. We “process” the fat shortly before reinjecting it using a unique device that reduces the fatty particle and adult stem cell size.


Fat transfer injection looks like a mystery to some people. However, we can confidently assert that it was not the fat cells; instead, it was stem cells that give us excellent results. Read on to learn more about our face aging procedure and other benefits of using Lypo-Gold by Elite Aesthetic Institute.


Lypo-Gold face and neck

The Lypo-Gold process uses small amounts of extracted fat to obtain natural facial rejuvenation using small autologous fat quantities. We strip a little fat from the belly after sterile processing with a gentle, healthy, and regulated harvest and inject it in the face like a filler using a precise technique. The effect is instant, and, by administering the adult-derived mesenchymal stem cells, the result increases over time. It produces long term outcomes for up to three years.


Lypo-Gold has a lot of benefits for the face, and you should try it out. Our face aging treatment works on the temple, brow, jawline, smoker line, cheek, and other facial parts. In the Lypo-Gold neck treatment, adult mesenchymal stem cells are inserted to assess the development of new fibroblasts that produce collagen, elastin fiber, and hyaluronic acid with markedly enhanced skin texture. We may also fill the neck’s tense horizontal wrinkles.


Lypo-Gold hair

Alopecia is a disorder linked to a hormone that contributes to hair loss. This is a complicated issue to treat; conventional treatments aim to decrease or maintain hair loss with a low success rate. With the tissue stromal vascular fraction (tSVF) injection, we give your scalp the ability to produce new hair follicles from your exosomal cells and growth factors. After the first treatment, you will see an improvement in your hair growth. 


Lypo-Gold hand 

Waxing skin and loosening the hand’s normal texture are significant indicators of aging. You will have more youthful hands with the Lypo-Gold. The micro and nano-fat injections will help you achieve a volume on the back of your hand and youthful skin due to the fat-deriving adult mesenchymal cell, which stimulates new elastin development hyaluronic acid collagen fibers. This product will have a lasting impact of more than 18 months from only one session.


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Face aging and skin aging occur due to reduced collagen, hyaluronic acid, and elastin as the derma cells age. We inject an exact volume of tissue-rich stromal vascular fraction into specific points for a natural and robust appearance with the miniTc device with this method. Lypo-Gold is the ideal choice for you; contact Elite Aesthetic Institute today!

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