Are you interested in providing more for your clients in terms of cosmetic surgeries? According to the ASPS annual plastic surgery report, there were an estimated 17.7 million surgical and minimally-invasive cosmetic procedures performed in the United States in 2018. These numbers are only continuing to rise in today’s society, and your clients want proven results. The Lypo-Gold Method is a revolutionary cosmetic procedure that can aid in various aging spots of the body. Taught by Elite Aesthetics Institute, this aesthetic medicine is gaining traction as the next big step for cosmetic surgeries. 


Fat Grafting & Mini TC

Our method revolves around two main components: fat grafting and a device called the Mini TC. Grafting of the fat from a client’s body to another part of the body is the starting point of the Lypo-Gold process. We perform a basic liposuction-like procedure, extracting a small amount of cells from the fat tissue. These adipose-derived stem cells are multipotent, and to fully extract all their benefits, we use the Mini TC for processing. The Mini TC is a sterile, disposable device equipped with valved ports. We begin the process by having three 60 cc syringes, filled with either washing solution, saline or lactated ringers. With the collected lipoaspirate decanted and the liquid phase separated, the dense fraction is put into the Mini TC device through port A into the top compartment. The fat sample is washed with about 50 cc of the washing solution through the same port A and through gentle, manual shaking. The air leur is disconnected and placed somewhere sterile, then the device needs to be counterbalanced, using water if necessary, before placing the Mini TC into the centrifuge. Here the device will rotate for about five minutes, spinning the accumulated debris from the bottom of the Mini TC. 


We will then reconnect the air leur to the device and connect a new syringe to port B1 to collect 50 ml of the liquid fraction from the bottom of the device. We will add 100 ml of lactated ringers into port A and counterbalance, spinning for fifteen minutes before extracting another 50 ml of liquid fraction from port B1. With 4 cc syringes, we will aspirate the content, as this suspension is the adipose pellets in solution; we close the syringe with a red cap and keep it in a cap down position. We will then connect another 10 cc syringe with a washing solution to the Mini TC device on either side, washing off the remaining fat clusters while collecting the clusters on the other side with a syringe. After about five minutes, the adipose pellets will float up, separating from the liquid phase inside the syringe. We will spill out the liquid content until it reaches the line separating the phases. We do not collect any oil layers, but will continue collecting the dense fractions into other syringes. We homogenize the fat grafting by several back and forth transfers, and then the liquid is ready for application.   


The Lypo-Gold Method

The method then from start to finish involves extracting a small amount of fat cells from your client’s body, and processing these fat cells to get more nutrient rich nano and micro fat. From the steps above about using the Mini TC device, we process and reduce the amount and size of fat cells, and prepare the liquid to contain more multipotent stem cells. After this, you are left with stromal vascular fraction, or SVF, which are adipose-derived stem cells, capable of offering vast regenerative capabilities. We inject the SVF cells into specific locations on your client’s body, anywhere from the face to the neck, the scalp and the hands. This technique is revolutionary as it’s taking bio cellular and aesthetic medicine to a whole new level. The procedure is minimally invasive, allowing your clients to get back onto their feet quickly. 


Offering Your Clients A Choice

This method can also be used to treat other cosmetic issues your client may be experiencing, such as hand wrinkles, alopecia, and fine lines and wrinkles on the face, including tear through, smokers lines, brow lifts, cheek lifts, temple, and jawline. Initial results are typically seen within two to three weeks, and will continue to improve as the skin’s collagen and elastin production will increase from the implanted cells.  


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