Are you finding your clients struggling with neck wrinkles? Does it seem like there’s not much in the way of reducing and sometimes eliminating those wrinkles for your clients? The Lypo-Gold Method, taught by Elite Aesthetics Institute, may be the option you’re looking for. 


Causes of Wrinkles

Although a certain amount of wrinkles are inevitable around the neck, the extent and excessiveness of them can be due to genetics, smoking, or large and prolonged amounts of UV exposure. Wrinkles are a natural part of aging and can be found on the neck, eyes, mouth, hands and forehead. People can be meticulous when it comes to applying sunscreen to their faces, but oftentimes will overlook their neck, leading to a lot of unprotected sun exposure. This can cause premature neck wrinkles, as well as any repetitive motions. These repeated motions can cause neck lines and creases, which will continue and deepen into wrinkles the more these motions are done. Looking down at a cell phone, for example, can cause neck creases which will only get more prominent the more someone looks down, increasing the chances of premature wrinkles in the neck area. Genetics also plays a role in how and when a person’s skin will age, varying greatly on any underlying conditions and additional lifestyle choices that can age skin faster as well. One of these choices is smoking, which can not only cause mouth lines to develop over time, but can also increase the chances of premature aging. Tobacco smoke damages collagen, which keeps skin plump and young. Nicotine also constricts blood vessels, which will leave skin oxygen deprived, looking older and increasing wrinkles. 


Neck Wrinkles And Treatment

The Lypo-Gold Method can help decrease and smooth out the number of wrinkles on your client’s neck, leaving behind smooth, younger skin. Our method involves extracting adipose-derived stem cells from your client’s body, typically the belly area, and using a device called the MiniTC device to “process” these cells. The cells, a combination of mesenchymal adult derived stem cells and other regenerative stem cells, are then injected into certain areas of the neck to promote new production of collagen, elastin fiber, and hyaluronic acid. This treatment helps fill in those horizontal wrinkles on the neck, while giving your client smoother, younger and more vibrant skin, both in texture and appearance. 


This method is minimally invasive, allowing your clients to get back onto their feet quickly. This method can also be used to treat other cosmetic issues your client may be experiencing, such as hand wrinkles, alopecia, and fine lines and wrinkles on the face, including tear through, smokers lines, brow lifts, cheek lifts, temple, and jawline. Initial results are typically seen within two to three weeks, and will continue to improve as the skin’s collagen and elastin production will increase from the implanted cells. 


Offer Your Clients More

Whether your clinic or med spa just opened or you’ve been practicing for years, you want to be able to offer your clients more in terms of treatment options. Achieving results is what you want to provide, and Lypo-Gold does just that. This aesthetic medicine is able to provide lasting results for a myriad array of anti-aging areas on the body, allowing your clients a better cosmetic procedure and in turn, better happiness. 


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