Whether you are familiar with the cosmetic surgery world or are debating your first procedure, you want options. More specifically, non-surgical options that provide long lasting results without the extensive recovery process. The Lypo-Gold Method, taught at Elite Aesthetics Institute, is a revolutionary procedure that can help you get an improved, more defined jawline. Providing an option for non-surgical chin lifts, this aesthetic medicine gives you a more youthful, smoother skin texture. 


Typical Chin Lift Surgeries

Most surgeries involve more incisions than one would like, and chin or neck lift surgeries are no different. Most chin lifts are performed to treat “double chins”, where there is an excess amount of skin, leading to a less defined jawline and the double chin effect on someone’s face. A neck liposuction, neck lift surgery or both may be recommended and performed to treat your troublesome areas. Incisions are made for both the liposuction and the neck lift, usually around the ears and hairline areas. These procedures are quite intensive, and often have a long recovery time. Possible side effects can include scarring, nerve injury, decreased skin sensitivity, and infection. Although there are “mini” neck lifts that require less incisions, these can only help so much in terms of lifting the neck and creating a youthful appearance, thus it may not accomplish what you want in the long end. 


Non-Surgical Chin Lift

There are also exercises you can perform to help strengthen and tone your jawline. These exercises take time to start showing results, however, and must be maintained indefinitely for continual toning of your facial muscles. These processes can be tiresome and slow to take effect, and you may want a quicker and more efficient way of getting the chin and jawline you want. 


The Lypo-Gold Method involves extracting a small amount of fat cells from your body, typically from the belly area. These fat cells will be “processed” to obtain more regenerative adult stem cells. We inject these cells into targeted locations of your face. This method can also be used for chin lifts and creating a more defined jawline.  Lypo-Gold is revolutionary as it’s taking aesthetic medicine to a whole new level. This procedure is minimally-invasive, meaning you can jump back onto your feet quickly and effortlessly. Initial results are visible within two to three weeks, while there is also a gradual increase as the regenerative stem cells will continue to boost your skin’s collagen and elastin production. This method leaves you with an improved skin texture, improved collagen thickness and production, along with eliminating wrinkles and leaving your skin healthy, smooth and fresh.


More Options

In today’s technological advancements, it’s no surprise that there’s going to be more cosmetic surgery options for you. Having surgical and non-surgical chin lift options leaves you better to decide which can provide the best results, depending on your needs. Having a more minimally-invasive procedure like Lypo-Gold takes a lot of the guesswork out, though. The method has significantly less side effects, long-lasting results, and allows you to get back to your daily activities faster. 


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