You may not realize that there are more practical, easier and less invasive procedures available to your clients right now for cosmetic surgery. One such procedure is Lypo-Gold, a revolutionary procedure that utilizes stem cells. Here at Elite Aesthetics Institute, we teach this procedure as we know it’s practical applications in today’s world. 


What The Method Involves

Lypo-Gold involves extracting a small amount of fat cells from the body, and processing these fat cells to get more nutrient rich nano and micro fat. After this, what you are left with are adipose-derived stem cells, able to help restore your client’s natural beauty. We inject these cells into specific locations on your client’s face, and the cells will act as a healer of sorts, filling in hollow points and giving more of a youthful appearance. 


Age is typically not kind to anyone. The aging process is due to the skin’s derma cells losing their luster, causing fiber reduction of collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid. It can create sagging skin and wrinkles quickly and slowly, depending on your client’s body. The face may have a hollow appearance around the cheeks as well. The skin in hands can also lose elasticity, becoming wrinkled and saggy as the years go by.    


What we once thought were fat cells performing this miracle on skin is actually stem cells. Once the fat cells are extracted and the refinement process begins, the fat cells slowly dissipate and what you’re left with is “regenerative gold”, mature adult stem cells, which are capable of much more than regular cells. 


Stem Cells

To understand this method, you have to understand stem cells a little more. You may recall hearing about these cells years ago, as scientists were just beginning to realize their true capabilities. Most of those studies were involving more adult stem cells and their healing and regenerative capacities. Adipose-derived stem cells (ADSCs), are a subtype of these adult stem cells found in isolated fat tissues during procedures such as liposuction or breast reduction. ADSCs have the capacity to differentiate into multiple cell lineages. These cells have been studied as early as 2001 as a source for tissue engineering and regenerative medicine.  This is where the name “Lypo-Gold” was derived; Lypo – meaning fat, and Gold – for what is pure regenerative magic. 


Most procedures available involving grafts taken from other parts of the body typically don’t take or last, as the cells from the skin grafts are meant for one job and one job only. Lypo-Gold uses cells that are “multi-purpose” in that they will repair most anything on the body, regardless of where it’s located.   


The practical applications of these ADSCs are vast, as scientists are still figuring out some uses even to this day. These rich cells are being used for skin regeneration processes, for example cuts or abrasions on your skin and even normal age-related decline. These adipose-derived stem cells are what we use in our “liquid gold” method. 


The Right Choice

With the Lypo-Gold Method, your clients are ensured a quick, minimally invasive process using natural cells from their own body. Viable stem cells are the latest in aesthetics and regenerative medicine, and are only going to gain traction as more research and studies are being completed. The most basic of cosmetic surgeries are being performed using this method and the results are showing it’s true potential.  


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