Seeking cosmetic surgery in today’s world leaves you with many options, but which is right for you? With so many different processes and phases of invasiveness, the choices may seem overwhelming. Continue reading to find out more about fillers, surgeries, and the Lypo-Gold Method, which utilizes stem cells to produce smooth, beautiful skin. Taught by Elite Aesthetics Institute, this revolutionary regenerative medicine is gaining traction everyday.


Filler And Surgery

Injectable dermal fillers are gel-like substances that are injected beneath the skin to help restore lost volume, smooth lines and creases, as well as enhance facial contours. There are multiple types of fillers, which are FDA approved, and are categorized by the main substance they are made from, such as calcium hydroxylapatite, Poly-L-Lactic acid, and hyaluronic acid. Each of these products are formulated to have a specific texture, density, and injection depth, making certain fillers work for certain areas more effectively than others. Speaking with your medical provider can help you navigate which one might be right for you. 


More invasive plastic surgery typically involves reconstruction, restoration or alteration of the body. Most reconstructive surgery is for more severe medical issues or repairing accidental injuries. Cosmetic surgery aims to improve upon what your body always has and play to those strengths, according to what you would like to see instead. Types of cosmetic surgeries include breast augmentation or reduction, facelifts, brow lifts, rhinoplasty, liposuction, chin or cheek enhancements and more. These procedures often involve more down time as they are more invasive than other options, and results can take longer to see as your body is more likely to slowly recover from these surgeries. 


What Stem Cells Can Do

Stem cells are the body’s raw materials in essence. They create organs and tissues and can help restore and repair varying cells as well. Some cells repair only one type of tissue, such as a nerve cell or muscle cell, and essentially can only help repair those cells to which they belong to. These adult stem cells are multipotent and undifferentiated, meaning they can be a nerve cell and help restore it, while also becoming a muscle cell and help restore that as well. 


The Lypo-Gold Method begins with collecting a small sample of adult stem cells, a type called adipose-derived stem cells, from your body, typically from the belly area. We “process” the tissue by reducing as much of the fat cells as possible, leaving behind the adipose-derived stem cells. These cells will be mixed with plasma, and injected into the areas of your body you are seeking treatment for. This method has been shown to significantly improve wrinkles, face lines, brow lines, jawlines, neck wrinkles, hand wrinkles and sagging skin, along with alopecia.    


Results are visible in two to three weeks, with a gradual increase after that as the skin’s collagen and elastin production steps up from the stem cells being introduced and working their way into the tissue. You will feel an improvement in your skin’s texture, feeling smoother and younger, while the signs of aging will slowly reduce over time. It’s a more natural method that uses your own body’s cells to restore your youthful appearance. This method is also minimally invasive, getting you back into your day-to-day routine with little to no down time. 


The Choice Is Clear

Although the options available for cosmetic surgery are wide, it’s clear that the Lypo-Gold Method is a winner. Using more natural sources from your own body to create smoother, younger skin is always a win-win compared to using outside ingredients such as fillers. It’s less invasive than most procedures while still maintaining lasting results. 


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