With so many technological advances being made in the medical field, people are wanting more from their medical clinics. Having more options and choices is quickly gaining speed with most medical clinics, offering more head to toe services, so why wouldn’t eye doctors start doing the same in their field? Being equipped to treat your patients with non-surgical aesthetic services, such as fat grafting, is a great way of providing all the care your clients deserve. The Lypo-Gold Method, taught at Elite Aesthetics Institute, can give your clients everything they need in one stop. 


What Is Lypo Gold?

The method from start to finish involves extracting a small amount of fat cells from your client’s body, and processing these fat cells to get more nutrient rich nano and micro fat. We process and reduce the amount and size of fat cells, and prepare the liquid to contain more multipotent stem cells. After this, you are left with stromal vascular fraction, or SVF, which are adipose-derived stem cells, capable of offering vast regenerative capabilities. We inject the SVF cells into specific locations on your client’s face, specifically the eye areas and tear trough. This technique is revolutionary as it’s taking aesthetic medicine to a whole new level. The procedure is minimally invasive, allowing your clients to get back onto their feet quickly. The process isn’t anything new or overly complicated for eye doctors, and offering it to treat common eye wrinkles can be a boost for your office and clinic. 


Non-Surgical Aesthetic Services

Although it seems a little unconventional, having aesthetic services in your optometrist’s office isn’t so far fetched. People are looking to professionals they can trust, and who have the skills to perform eye surgery refinements such as eye doctors. Optometrists are already skilled and trained to perform medical procedures on highly sensitive areas, such as the eyes and the surrounding areas, so why not also have them perform cosmetic surgery? You may be getting requests and inquiries from your clients already, asking if you have eyelash-lengthening serums or can perform a tear trough surgery. And your immediate replies may be to brush it all off, but think about your clients and your overall goal of helping them improve their eye health, don’t you also want them to feel better in their skin health? 


Most aesthetic services around the eye area is common territory for optometrists or ophthalmologists. A tear trough is a deep crease between the lower eyelid and the upper cheek. This crease can cast a shadow below your eyes, resulting in a tired appearance, while others feel that the tear trough makes them appear older. Many eye wrinkles, like crow’s feet, are little lines spreading out from the corners of the eyes. These wrinkles can’t be avoided and are oftentimes something people wish they didn’t have, seeking expert advice on how to get rid of or diminish them. Being able to offer your clients an aesthetic procedure, whether it be fat grafting the area or Botox, can help boost your clinic while providing for your clients. 


Consider Your Options

If you are interested in branching out into the world of aesthetic services, now is the time. You should research how much you will want to offer your clients and whether you would want to continue expanding these services as well. Some laser machines are quite costly, so if you wanted to keep the newer services slightly cheaper, start with some items like creams, eyelash thickening serums and simple fat grafting procedures. Expanding a little to see how it affects your clinic can help determine your next steps, and whether you want to extend yourself a little further. 


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